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Belfe Boutique in the prestigious Galleria Alberto Sordi in Rome

Rome, Italy

The Galleria Alberto Sordi in the heart of Rome, offers its coveted shop windows to exclusive and prestigious brands.
It is in this evocative location and in a strategic position that the Belfe brand boutique opens in the capital.

With the collaboration of architect Redo Maggi, we were called in to realise the furnishing of the important showroom.

The shop is on two floors, connected by a staircase accompanied by a scenographic backlit stainless steel handrail.

The materials chosen for the interior design project are few, but used effectively, both stylistically and functionally: stainless steel profiles and inserts, display niches carved out of plasterboard walls, wenge wood service counters, black laminate cladding and ice-coloured resin flooring.

The minimalist design is emphasised by chiaroscuro contrasts that make the environment modern and chic.


What we have done Furniture, fitting
Completed in 2004
Project type Haute Couture Shop
Position Rome, Galleria Alberto Sordi
Designer Arch. Redo Maggi
Materials used Stainless steel, Laminate, Wenge wood, Resin

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