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Our portfolio

Our portfolio


To date, we have installed our furniture in 26 countries around the world.

From the American continent to the African continent, not forgetting the large orders in Russia: over the years there have been many projects that have seen us involved in exporting the quality of Made in Italy to foreign lands.
And each time it is always a great satisfaction.


Some of our completed furnishings

Furnishings for hotels, catering establishments, public, commercial, private environments: the variety of production is wide, but the quality of design and workmanship and the care for every single detail remain the same in every project.

Hotel and Contract Furniture

Designing the furnishing of a hotel and accommodation facility, in general, is a far from trivial task regardless of the area to be fitted out.
The design must convey the structure's idea of hospitality (family hotel, green hotel, resort...) right from the entrance and continue to communicate it both in the common areas and in the private rooms.

The rooms must then be carefully studied in every detail and designed with every comfort to be welcoming and at the same time functional.

Restaurant & Food Furnishings

By now it is well known that a good part of the customer experience is the environment in which he or she is to have a snack, eat lunch or indulge in dinner.
Setting up a food space with a personal style appropriate to the type of cuisine on offer is a choice that is sure to be a winner. 

Bar & Club Furniture

The difference between one bar and another is above all its style. Characterising a venue and making it unique with a good interior design can definitely be the best choice to make it a popular and trendy place.

Furniture for Ice Cream Parlours & Pastry Shops

Ice cream parlours, pastry shops, bakeries... are more than just bars.
They are premises that have specific requirements in terms of both the display of products and their production and storage.
Here too, design plays a fundamental role in making the environment a welcoming and beautiful place to live, as well as functional.

Shop & Showroom Furniture

The design of a commercial premises and the choice of its furniture is important for the customer's experience and to guide them in their purchase.
The design must enhance the display of goods, perhaps with non-trivial stylistic solutions that are designed not to distract attention from the product.

Luxury Furniture for Villas & Private Properties

The world of luxury demands excellence. And not only in design but also in the quality of the materials and the meticulous and sophisticated workmanship. This is where the most enlightened craftsmen and designers give their best.

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