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Momo Restaurant in Germany, where Italian flavours are served in a modern, industrial-style location

Bochum, Germany

Kitchen, management and furnishings 100% Made in Italy. We are talking about the Momo restaurant in Bochum, Germany, where the Italian style is at home.

The young owners have combined their passions, skills and love for their homeland to create a respectable Italian restaurant.
But the choice of the Tricolore does not end with the menu. In fact, even the layout of the location bears the signature of Italarredamenti's Italian design and production.

The industrial-style venue is characterised by visible structural elements, solid, resistant and raw materials, and design with clean, essential lines.    
The cement and wood floors are softened by paths defined with decorated tiles that break up the chromatic monotony.    
Natural wood is also found on the walls, interspersed with large slabs of blackboard which, in addition to having an aesthetic function, also take on the task of displaying the menu of the day, or the wine list, or more simply to leave space for customers' dedications.    
Momo is a very versatile venue: in addition to being a restaurant, it is also a pizzeria, wine bar, delicatessen and take-away service.
In order to manage all these different souls of the restaurant, we intervened on the distribution layout, recreating the various operational and consumption areas.   
The Momo restaurant is one of our turnkey projects: in addition to the design phase and the realisation of the furnishings, we also took care of equipping the professional kitchen, the extraction and air-conditioning systems, and last but not least the on-site fitting.  


What we have done Concept and design; layout in terms of distribution and functionality; furniture, accessories and kitchen fittings; fitting
Completed in 2016
Project type Restaurant Pizzeria, Turnkey Project
Position Bochum, Germany
Designer Italarredamenti Technical Department
Materials used Oak, Upholstery, Stainless steel, Crystal, Cement, Painted metal, Black board, Tiles

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