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O' Babà Gran Pasticceria: many materials for a venue with a wow effect

Cosenza, Italy

What most characterises the O' Babà Gran Pasticceria in the province of Cosenza is the use of very different and particular materials that, when combined, create a sophisticated and refined environment.
Functional requirements have been resolved with original aesthetic solutions that are well integrated into the overall décor (such as, for example, the retractable doors to access the various spaces used for the cooking, pastry and ice cream making workshops).
At first glance, the premises appear as a single environment, in which the large central counter stands out, arranged on three sides, where refrigerated display cabinets for ice cream, display cabinets for the pastry shop and service counters for the food area are interspersed.

The aesthetic finish is made of ceramic stoneware, embellished with mirror fragments drowned in resin.

The bottle racks of the back counter and walls are made of thin profiles in natural polished brass. The gilded chromium plating also appears in other elements such as the letters of the logo (and of the various environments) made of a pre-spaced and shaped metal, the large circular chandeliers, the shelving on the walls... all of which lend a touch of elegance and preciousness to the entire venue.

The seats are positioned along the walls and are distinguished by original upholstered faux leather sofas in a delicate mint shade with backs covered in the characteristic capitonné work.


What we have done Concept and design; layout in terms of distribution and functionality; furniture and accessories; fitting
Completed in 2021
Project type Pastry shop, Ice cream parlour, American bar, Cafeteria
Position Cosenza - Calabria, Italy
Designer Arch. Mattia Santucci
Materials used Brass, Calacatta marble, Large-size porcelain stoneware, Plasterboard, Crystal, Eco-leather, Painted iron, Upholstery, Led, Solid wood veneer, Stainless steel, Pelle, Vertical green wall

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